Monday, August 2, 2010

Packing For Mars Book Trailer

Space Hygiene and the People Who Stopped Bathing for Science -- Funny but True

Today is the official release of Mary Roach's fourth book, Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void. In order to celebrate we here at Loaded Questions wanted to share this great video produced by WW Norton and available at author Mary Roach's website. Roach's new book, as the title indicates, looks at some of the absurdity and downright hilariousness that went into preparation to send humans in to space. The video, being billed as a trailer of the new book is titled: "Space Hygiene and the People Who Stopped Bathing for Science" and is a comedic reenactment of an actual study Roach describes in the book,  a study in which individuals were paid to forgo hygiene and clothing. Yes, the video is funny and well put together but the best part of all is that the study that is being "spoofed" actually took place and that the words spoken by the astronauts and overhead voice that narrate the video are actual quotes from a real study. Gotta love it.

Here's the video:

On a related note we're very excited to announce that we'll be conducting our interview with Mary Roach next week in Portland, OR as she continues her book tour for Packing for Mars. Have a question that you'd like us to ask her? Something you would like us to discuss? Click comment and let us know!


Kay said...

nice spoof.

just let her know I admire her work! :)

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