Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sweet September: New Upcoming Books

Coming to Your Shelves This September

There are some exciting books coming out this month, all of which have a decidedly historical fiction theme. September brings new offerings from seasoned authors like M.J. Rose and Gail Tsukiyama and first novels from promising new writers, Peg Kingman and Erika Mailman included. The stories are diverse, WWII Japan, Scotland in 1822, 16th century Germany, and England under the rule of Edward II.

The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose
September 1, 2007 -- $24.95

The Reincarnationist has been getting some rave reviews. This book is M.J. Rose's ninth novel. Set in modern day Rome, photographer Josh Ryder finds that, after the detonation of a terror-inducing bomb in the city, he is having flash-backs to a time in Roman history when Christianity wasn't the dominant religion and emperors ruled the land. Josh takes these new found skills and attempt to find memory stones believed to exist in a newly found tomb. These stones bring about past-life regressions, providing strong proof that reincarnation is a reality. The closer that Josh gets to the truth of reincarnation and the hidden powers of the memory stones, the closer that the church itself comes to crumbling.

Not Yet Drown'd by Peg Kingman
September 4, 2007 -- $24.95

This is Peg Kingman's first book.
The central character is Catherine MacDonald, a widowed woman living in 1822 Edinburgh. Catherine isn't exactly alone, there's Grace, a child from her deceased husband's first marriage. Right before Grace's uncle arrives, wanting to take Grace to her relatives back in Virginia, Catherine receives a mysterious package from a brother whom she believed had died in India. In order to protect Grace, find out the truth about her brother, and keep her life on track, Catherine travels to India. The book picks up on the mystery of the Orient so prevalent in the European culture at the time. Catherine is an honorable lead character who warrants following around the world searching for truth.

The Street of a Thousand Blooms
by Gail Tsukiyama
September 4, 2007 -- $24.95

Hiroshi and Kenji Matsumoto are the center of this new novel, Gail Tsukiyama's six work. Raised by their grandparents, Hiroshi and Kenji have detailed aspirations in their youths. Hiroshi dreams of becoming a sumo champion while Kenji wishes to become a Noh masks used in Japanese musical dramas performed since the 14th century. The two are ambitious and find success both their lives are always looming under the progression of WWII that brings with it bombings, sacrifice and occupation. The war comes to a head with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leaving both Hiroshi, Kenji, and their families to find a way to survive. Tsukiyama is a skilled author and is know for the great amount of cultural and geographical detail in her writing. When this book arrives I will be eagerly opening it and heading for the porch to read away.

The Witch's Trinity by Erika Mailman
September 25, 2007 -- $23.95

This is also Mailman's first novel. The book takes place in 16th century German amidst a series of witch trials. The people of Tierkinddorf, nearing starvation after a several bad seasons dealt them by Mother Nature, begin to think that there is a witch among them. They select, with the help of a visiting friar, suspect a local healer first whom they promptly burn. When things don't get better the townspeople realize that they must have gotten the wrong witch and thus the suspicion begins again. This time the suspect is t of the healers long time friend, Güde Müller. Müller serves as the narrator of Mailman's book, a widowed grandmother who finds herself facing a terrible fate.

Dispensation of Death by Michael Jecks
September 28, 2007 -- $24.95

This is book is part of the Knights of Templar Mystery series that Michael Jecks has been so successful with. The setting for this novel is England in 1325. Things are rocky, the reign of Edward II and his lover Sir Hugh le Dispenser, isn't going all that well. Suddenly the dead bodies a gentleman and of one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting are found mutilated behind the throne in the Great Hall and what little quiet that existed turned to rage when King Edward demands that something be done. Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend Simon Puttock are on the case, eager to get to the bottom of the murders.


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