Saturday, November 22, 2008

News and Notes: Wally Lamb, Kate Furnivall, A Game of Thrones


Below you will find the links to part one and two of our exclusive Loaded Questions interview with Wally Lamb, bestselling author of She's Come Undone, I Know this Much is True and The Hour I First Believed.

And don't miss the conclusion of this great interview.
Click below to read Part Two of the Wally Lamb Interview.

  • Wally, Wally, Wally: You faithful readers may be wondering, first of all, where the interview with Wally Lamb (author of She's Come Undone, I Know This Much Is True and the brand new The Hour I First Believed) that I gushed about two weeks ago is. The interview is still very much on. We have suffered a few set backs in the form of rescheduled conversations and missed phone calls. Lamb and his publicist can hardly be blamed, they have been trying to find time for Wally and I to talk while he is in the midst of his book tour and so every day he was at a different number in a different city. The good news? Wally will be home in a few days and we're scheduled to chat with him on Monday morning! So, the interview is on its way.
  • Upcoming Interview: Our second interview with Kate Furnivall author of the highly praised The Russian Concubine in which Kate and I discuss the release of her second novel The Red Scarf which begins in a labor camp in Siberia during the Russian Revolution. Kate will also share some news about the sequel to The Russian Concubine that she's been working on. Interview should be up in a matter of days, stay tuned.
  • Fantasy TV: Here's some more good news: HBO has green-lit the filming of the pilot of George RR Martin's A Game of Thrones, the first book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. The series is set to include a total of seven novels each of which, producers have said, would be made into a single season if the show is picked up by HBO. This is very good news for fans of "A Song of Ice and Fire", especially because the brilliant yet chronically late R.R. Martin is at least two years behind on the release of the next novel with no due date in sight. Read more at Hollywood Reporter.
  • Loaded Domain: Noticed any changes here at Loaded Questions? We've gotten ourselves a real domain name. If you haven't already discovered the domain name for this site is now!
  • Support This Site: Want to know how you can help Loaded Questions keep up the author interviews and book giveaways that we've been bringing to you for the past year and half? Click the ads (all of which lead to great sites about publishing, author resources and book trading websites) to the left of your screen to ensure that Loaded Questions will be around for many years to come. One click is a tremendous help.


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Portugal said...

When I saw another novel by Wally Lamb I knew I would love it! She's Come Undone was one of my very favorites. I am an avid reader and Wally's first novel has stayed in my bookcase through the years. The writing style is just my cup of tea literally. The plot thickens, weaves, and fascinates the reader much like a fine mystery. This author gives just enough detail of his characters without over or under doing it.

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