Friday, July 18, 2008

Bestselling Books Headed To Television Series

I often feature books that have been turned into movies but Terry Goodkin's eleven-volume Sword of Truth series is about to go even further when Sam Rami, producer of both Xena and Hercules and Spider-Man 3, debuts the new live action weekly syndicated television series based on Goodkin's series. The series is to be titled Wizard's First Rule. The date has finally been set, a two-hour season premiere will debut the weekend on November 1st. The fact the series is in syndication means that it is a bit harder to find, however, Disney-ABC has confirmed that it will air in 95% of the country.

In a recent press release Sam Rami was quoted as saying that "adapting Terry Goodkind's brilliant work for television is a thrilling opportunity. The amazing characters and heartfelt story, combined with the captivating backdrop of New Zealand, will have viewers on the edge of their seats." Another producer, Rob Tapert, said "everyone on the production team is committed to making a mini-feature film each and every week. The combination of a talented cast, incredible special effects and stunning locations has given us all the tools we need to create a truly memorable television series."

Sounds like they have the It will be interesting to see how this series plays out.

Goodkin may have company soon as Variety reported over a year ago that HBO bought the rights to the amazingly written and entertaining (can you tell my bias?) A Song of Fire and Ice series. Producers reported that the series might also be shot in New Zealand, soon to be known as science fiction fantasy land what with Lord of the Rings, Wizard's First Rule and the possibility of A Song of Fire and Ice. Don't glue yourself to HBO waiting for the series to appear as not a word has been mentioned about the series in the year and a half since Variety wrote the article. If the television series progresses anything like George R.R. Martin's writing it may very well be a decade or two. Don't get me wrong, I would love to watch the show.

I started wondering - what other books or series of books would make a good television series?

Do hit reply and share your thoughts.


Amanda said...

How exciting! I like Sam Rami and have read this book. I didn't get more into the series though because I got into Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series which I would love to see made into a movie or something.

Amanda said...

(Another Amanda here!)

I read somewhere that there is the possibilty of Sharon Kay Penman's "The Sunne in Splendour" being adapted, but I think that her Welsh triology would be awesome on screen!

Trooper York said...

Ditto on both counts. But the Game of Swords will be quite impossible to film in my opinion. They will never be able to spend the money. It's not the Lord of the Rings after all. But I would really love to see it.

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