Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's Next?

Three author interviews in as many days! I told you all that I had a bunch about to come in. I would like to thank Peg Kingman, Erika Mailman, and Charles Holdefer being a part of such great interviews.

A note to readers, please feel free to make comments about the interviews, I would love to hear feedback. Share information about your take on the book, your thoughts of the responses, or just drop a line and let me know if you're reminded of another author I ought to be interviewing.

With all of that settled, here's an update of some of the books that will be coming up in the next few days ...

The Slave Ship: A Human History
by Marcus Rediker
October, 2007 - 448 pages - $27.95

In The Slave Ship: A Human History Marcus Rediker, a history
professor at the University of Pittsburgh, has written an extremely well researched novel about a subject that has never really been studied. These slave ships, which Rediker examines with the help of first hand accounts by Olaudah Equiano, James Field Stanfield, John Newton, were responsible for the capture, torture, and transportation of Africans to the United States. It has been estimated that 1.5 million Africans died during their time on these slave ships. There was also a belief that those who died aboard ship would return to the homeland which prompted suicide.

Rediker mentions in the beginning of the book that this is a tough book to read and h
e isn't joking. The stories of those who were tricked and forced to board slave ships are painful and terrifying. But it's worth it, Rediker's writing and research enhance the book and in the end one can't help but feel that these stories of torture and terror must be told in order remind us all of the past.

I am really looking forward t
o getting a chance to talk with Marcus Rediker about this book, what brought him to work on this piece of history that has been overlooked and the process of research he has done so well.

World Without An End
by Ken Follett
October, 2007 – 1024 pages -- $

Eighteen years ago Ken Follett wrote a 1,000 page novel based the building of a great cathedral in 12th century Europe, The Pillars of Earth . It was a change of
pace from the thrillers that he had written in the past. After that The Pillars of Earth Follett went back to writing the mystery and thrillers that he had written before. Over the years, though, his book based in the 12th century continued to sell and grow via word of mouth. It became so popular that people were constantly asking for more.

With World Without End Ken Follett has responded. The p
lace is the same, the town of Kingsbridge, but two centuries have passed. The beautiful Cathedral built in the first book has become a place solely for the elite and wealthy. Things are coming to a head. This is were we pick up with World Without End. Ken has been nice enough to agree to do an interview for Loaded Questions and I think this is going to be a great interview. Stay tuned.

Dog Says How
by Kevin Kling
October, 2007 – 224 pages -- $22.95

The author of this book, Kevin Kling, is a pretty fascinating guy. I look at a lot of author’s websites and I can honestly say that when I discovered his I spent quite a bit of time clicking around and reading (its simple, Kling is the kind of author who writes about the absurdity of the human experience and does so in small intricate ways. On his website there’s this quote that I really like. When talking about his writing Kevin says: "I have a small command of the English language so I try to make each word a hero." I like that.

Oh, did I mention he’s also a frequent and witty NPR commentator on All Things Considered?

Dog Says How is a collection of autobiographical stories, each absurd and yet profound with messages about overcoming adversity, finding friendships, and dealing with the occasional tragedy. Let us not forget about the time his father got hit by lightening or the occasion when Kevin himself joined a traveling circus. These stories are all good. Don’t be worried NPR listeners because Kling assures us that they are new. This’ll be an interview to watch out for.


Marg said...

A couple of these look like books that I will really enjoy reading!

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