Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hawaiian History: Strong Women Leaders

So I am on vacation, right? The beach is wonderful, time with the family is great, but I have still been blogging. That's what I call dedication. This morning I went over to a bookstore and picked up some great Hawaiian monarchical history books. I was struck by the number of powerful woman rulers the islands have had.

Here's a rundown of what I found and can't wait to read:

Kaiulani: Crown Princess of Hawaii by Nancy Webb and Jean Francis Webb

The islands were struggling to stave off foreign domination but still Hawaii became a territory and the monarchy collapsed. Kailuani, the book says, was a fairytale princess, raised in the enchanted Waikiki garden. She was involved as a beholder in the first formal Hawaiian coronation. But when the fate of the islands changed, so did Kaiulani's life. She faced years of exile and humiliation. This is the story of the only Hawaiian Crown Princess to become an American citizen.

Nahi'ena'ena: Sacred Daughter of Hawaii by Marjorie Sinclair

Nahi'ena'ena was in legend descended from the gods. This book, originally published in 1976, has become an important facet of the in the Hawaiian movement for a national identity. Nahi'ena'ena represented a larger Hawaiian hope for survival. Her name means "raging fire" and Nahi'ena'ena came to be highly regarded because of her social and spiritual rank. This Hawaiian princess found herself trapped between the traditions of her people and the invading influence of the west. She loved her brother, the Hawaiian King whom she was expected to marry.

Hawaii's Story by Liluokalani, Queen of Hawaii

This book, written by the Queen, is a deep and moving account of the tragic circumstances that eventually lead to her downfall. Liluokalani's writing is elegant even when when writing about when the Committee of Safety, operated by the Mission Party, orchestrated the downfall of the Hawaiian monarchy. The book allows and inside look at a terrible event in Hawaii's history.


Happy said...

That is not really one of the books for women, but I'd like to read it!

Ruth said...

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