Sunday, January 20, 2008

Random Notes

- Remember the Signed, Mata Hari Giveaway here at Loaded Questions? Time slipped away and those who were randomly selected as winners were finally sent emails today. So check you mail and skim your junk mail to see if you were a lucky winner. In order to show how sorry I was for being late, I chose seven winners instead of the five that had originally been advertised. Stay tuned for a list of those who won. For those of you who don't win, three big chances to win are coming soon!

- I wrote a few weeks ago about the release of
The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy and mentioned that I would be interested in interviewing the author, Robert Leleux. I can happily announce that I will be interviewing Robert in the coming weeks in order to find out even more about this strange but interesting memoir of his.

- More important author interviews coming your way:
aret Frazer, The Apostate's Tale
Kate Maloy, Every Last Cuckoo
John Lescroart,
Owen Sheers,

- Want to link sites? I have been terrible about listing all of the blogs that I like. I really want to support my fellow book lovers and their blogs! If you're interested in trading links or already have Loaded Questions listed, leave a comment and I will be sure to add you!

- A Way to Help This Site. A few weeks ago I started adding links to all of the books that I mention here on this blog, there is also a Amazon search box on the left hand menu. Why? A percentage of the purchases you make by clicking on one of the books mentioned here or by using the search engine return to Loaded Questions so that I can continue to hold such great giveaways, bring you original content in the form of author interview, and keep you up to date about all of the newest book releases. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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